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Mini-Circuits ZSC-3-1 Splitter - Source + 3

These are the last of an NOS consignment which appears to have done the rounds.

Mini-Circuits 15542 Splitter ZSC-3-1. It provides for a 50 Ohm, 3-way, 0° split of the source signal with over 35dB isolation between output ports at 200MHz.
Alternatively, of course it will happily SUM 3 input signals; diversity reception anyone?
Connectors are BNC.

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These are small signal devices - matched power rating is 1 Watt. MAX load dissipation is 0.375 Watts.
Frequency range is 1 - 200MHz.

Full specification available at: Mini-Circuits' (interactive!) web site where you will also find that this item will set you back all of US$ 51.99, plus shipping.

Priced at 5.00
[UK P&P is included - Overseas: at cost.]

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