G3WDG RX & TX Converters

Initially for my own benefit in resurrecting a WDG/DDK set for 3cms I obtained permission from Charlie Suckling, G3WDG to scan and host these build manuals on this site in an effort to fill a gap in the record.
Thanks to G3WDG for the design and release of copyright to this website and to G8APZ for loan of the hardcopy.

I have included a web-retrieved copy of the RadCOM G4DDK-004 article for completeness; though I'm working on a fractional-N PLL/Synth to produce the require 2556MHz LO.

G3WDG 3cm Receive Converter Build manual (3.7MB)
G3WDG 3cm Transmit Converter Build manual (4.4MB)
G4DDK 2-2.6GHz Oscillator/Multiplier RadCOM article - Aug 1990 (1.6MB)

Last updated: 20190426