These python scripts are extensions of a GPS-linked software piece written back in 2008. I realised, 10 years later, that being able to compute a LOCATOR from a Latitude and Longitude derived from a Sat-Nav or even Google® Maps could be handy.

So, in 2018 a version of the stand-alone manual-entry console program was released - ll2mh.py. This iteration ran against the then-current Python version 2.7 - just "python" on the command line.

Now, in 2022, we have Python3 with python2(.7) fully deprecated in (linux) userspace. An update was necessary and thankfully fairly trivial to produce.

The zip file contains "ll2mh.py" (python 2) and "ll2mh-p3.py" (for a python3 install). Sure, they are command line programs (no pretty GUI) but they simply print out a response to your input - all is explained by the prompts.
run python ll2mh.py or python3 ll2mh-p3.py as appropriate and follow the instructions.

All parts of the code are licenced under the GNU GPL - but please credit (and advise) the authors if you use this code in your own programs.



last updated: 20221101