What it does: "TkLookup" is the GUI version of the 32-bit Lookup Program released in 1999 via the M1CRO -Villa Contest Group- web site. Those 'in-the-know' will have realised that the conversion to GUI-dom is by courtesy of Perl/Tk, compilation being handled by 'Perl2Exe' from Indigostar Software.

Why? "TkLookup" will search for a literal string (entered into the Search text box) throughout any text file and display ALL occurences of the data in the main display window or notify you of failure. Two files may be made available; switching between them is accomplished using a simple checkbox.

Menu options include 'clear Screen' and 'Reset' plus 'On-Line Help'.

Those of you with a working installation of PERL (on any operating system) may request a copy of the source using the Software Registration Form.
Please fill out the form and submit to allow me to process your request.
Both the compiled program and the source are freely available under the Free Software Foundation GNU Public Licence.
I trust that you find it useful.

Download: TkLookUp.ZIP [V1.15]

TkLookUp is compiled with "Perl2Exe" by: IndigoStar