EDI2eQSL / tuc2eqsl

What it does: EDI2eQSL converts [TACLog "RSGB" | Tucnak (default)] EDI-file output into an ADIF format that is suitable for uploading your contest logs to eQSL.cc. While TACLog itself produces ADIF format output; EDI2eQSL/tuc2eqsl is specifically targetted to eQSL and specifically provides the option to add a free-text "Comment" Field for the batch run of eQSL Cards. The programs run from the command line and if executed without arguments will print a usage/help to get you on your way.
Note that development of the TACLog version halted after the BETA-2 version offered below and effort since has been applied to the Tucnak derivative. This version of the script has been in use now for some years and has `Production` / Release status.

Why? EDI2eQSL was designed to provides the option to add a free-text "Comment" Field for the eQSL Card. The 'Colchester (vhf) Contest Group' operate from a number of different sites in our region of SE England (and sometimes further afield). Consequently we are unwilling to design an eQSL card which bears a locator - it may not properly confirm the QSO we made. The "Comment" field on an eQSL card can be filled with any free text and has been utilised to describe the particular contest that resulted in the QSO and to state - for the receiving station's benefit - the locator from where the group operated for that particular contest.
Prior to this program, each eQSL was input by hand. A tedious and time consuming process alien to the concept of electronic QSLing. »IMHO«

The "DOS" executable (below) is a fully operational BETA-1 version of the program - it provides a 'Usage' display if executed with no arguments.
The perl script is BETA-2 level (tidier and quicker, etc) and a release-candidate.
Both are console applications that run from the command line. (Using drag-and-hope <sorry! drop> it is easy to build path-complex command lines in today's WindowsTMXP (not Vista, for some reason!) - the option returning in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

The Executable package runs only on Win32 systems and is downloadable from one of the the links below. The perl scripts will run on any O/S that has a functional `perl 5` installation.

Feedback is requested. See the Software Registration Form.

Both the compiled program and the source are freely available under the Free Software Foundation GNU Public Licence.

I trust that you find them useful.

Tip: EDI2eQSL.EXE MUST be run in a DOS box (W9x, WinNT, W2000, WXP). Run the program with no arguments for 'Usage/Help'.

Nov 2016: Download: tuc2eqsl.zip [ Perl Script - requires `perl` ]

Download: edi2eqsl-perl-beta2.zip [ Perl Script - requires `perl` ]

Download: edi2eqsl-exe-beta1.zip

EDI2eQSL is compiled with "Perl2Exe" by: IndigoStar