Simple 4CX1000A for 144 MHz

This is all that I have of the construction information on the 2 meter amplifier I used in the 1990's. It is a very simple cathode driven design using a half wave anode line. This needs approximately 100 watts drive for 1500 watts out. Of course a 4CX1500B could be used. This is the amplifier which can be seen in the photos at the bottom of this page. While it may not have been pretty, my unit was unconditionally stable and provided years of trouble free high power fun.


Parts list

The following drawings suggest a layout and enclosure for a rebuild which was never undertaken. My unit was built in a larger enclosure made of three chassis, each 10" x 17" x 3". One was used as a grid compartment and the other two stacked were used as the plate compartment.

Layout drawings


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