Hi, glad you dropped in. Here you will find information of interest to Amateur ("Ham") Radio operators. There are currently sections on VHF and above radio wave propagation, including educational material and a real-time aurora monitoring page; technical and operating information for VHF and above bands; some information about my past and present activities, and various other stuff.

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VHF/UHF DX Information

Search the VHF Database of VHF-DX-Group DL West


Basic Info on VHF / UHF / SHF Propagation Modes
Distances and frequencies listed are typical, for guidance only.
Much greater distances and other frequencies are possible in some cases.

F2 (looking for author)   50 MHz
Ionospheric Scatter 1200 miles 50 and 144 MHz
Field Aligned Irregularities (FAI) 1400 miles 50 and 144 MHz
Auroral E 1400 miles 50 and 144 MHz
Sporadic E 1400 miles 50 through 222 MHz
Aurora 1200 miles 50 through 432 MHz
Meteor Scatter 1400 miles 50 through 432 MHz
EME (Moonbounce) worldwide 50 through 10368 MHz
More coming soon...
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Map of contacts vs. time for the 144 MHz Es opening of 1999-06-26.

Real Time Propagation and Information Pages at other sites

 William Hepburn's Tropo Forcasts

OH2AQ DX Summit

VHF Propagation Live

RSGB Propagation Studies Committee

Miscellaneous VHF "How To" Information

Using 75 ohm CATV Hardline on VHF. It's cheap and it works!
Simple 144 MHz 4CX1000A. Schematic and Parts List for my old 2 meter amplifer from the 1990's.
The AM-912 Amplifier on 144 and 222. Inexpensive 300W for two bands.
The Weak-Signal Capability of the Human Ear. Paper on how weak an EME signal a good CW operator can copy, by Ray Soifer, W2RS.
Getting Started in EME. Equipment and operating techniques for moonbounce.
Polarization of EME Signals: How To Succeed More Often.
What is MaxNR?. MAXNR.DOC file from Z-Track distribution (in HTML form).
EA8FF 432 cross yagis with open tube feed. A very interesting EME system.
Simple Elevation Readout for EME. Inexpensive and can also be used for azimuth!
Elevation Drive Using a Linear Actuator. My old elevation drive from a few years ago.
Download RF Toolbox (DOS). Noise figure, attenuators, VSWR calculations, and more.
Download QSO.BAS (requires GWBASIC). An initials tracking program by WB9UWA. Tracks both CW and JT44 initials.
Download EME SNR Spreadsheet by AL7EB (based on original by DF9CY). Excel spreadsheet calculates system noise figurre, system sensitivity, and EME path signal to noise ratio.

Laser DX. Getting started in laser DXing. Overview, equipment, and operating information.

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If you are looking for Windows, Macintosh, or Linux EME software, I recommend MoonSked by David Anderson, GM4JJJ. Z-Track remains available for those seeking EME software for DOS.

Disk MMSS/N1BUG Ham Software Disk

Z-Track 3.08 and 3.21 Personal EME Manager
Updated 2m Directory for Z-Track (2002-10-23)
Icon for Z-Track (Windows)
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Modified EME.DTA for Z-Track (2001-07-24)
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WAS Manager 1.0 Worked All States Database

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