I am still moving mountains around in here, so be careful of the construction equipment. [2002-01-12] --Paul


First, a few interesting "local" hikes...

Barren Mountain. 2670 feet, good views and interesting features (slide, ledges, falls, gorge).

Number Four Mountain. 2890 feet, great views of Moosehead and nearby mountains.

Big Moose Mountain. 3196 feet, awesome views of Moosehead region.

Big Spencer Mountain. 3230 feet, fine views of Katahdin and north Maine woods.

Whitecap Mountain. 3644 feet, great views in all directions.

The Maine 4000 Footers

There are 14 peaks in Maine that qualify for the 4000 footer list. My goal for the summer of 2001 was to hike all of them. The 14 peaks are represented here (note that in several cases there are two peaks on one mountain making the list). The Mt. Katahdin stuff isn't complete yet... I'll get around to organizing it one of these days!

Redington Mountain. 4010 feet, easiest hike of all Maine 4000'ers.

Spaulding Mountain. 4010 feet, limited views but a must to complete the Maine 4000'ers.

Crocker Mountain. South peak 4010 feet, North peak 4168 feet.

Mount Abraham. 4043 feet, awesome views and a very interesting hike.

Bigelow Mountain. Avery peak 4088 feet, West peak 4150 feet. Spectacular views.

Saddleback Mountain. Saddleback 4120 feet and The Horn 4041 feet. Must see!

North Brother Mountain. 4151 feet, great views of Katahdin & surrounding area.

Old Speck Mountain. 4170 feet, wooded but observation tower offers great views.

Sugarloaf Mountain. 4237 feet, Maine's second highest mountain, views in all directions.

Baxter Peak, Mt. Katahdin 5267 feet, Maine's highest point.

Hamlin Peak, Mt. Katahdin 4751 feet.


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